Our Wines

Visionary pioneer Al Brounstein defied modern conventions in his quest to emulate the great Bordeaux estates and divided his property into three single vineyards on secluded Diamond Mountain. Each terroir produces a small amount of long-lived elegant wines that showcase great depth and richness, honored and cherished by connoisseurs.


Gravelly Meadow is one of the cooler microclimates on the Estate. This five-acre vineyard was once a pre-historic riverbed and is characterized by its stony soil which drains rapidly compelling the vines to struggle for moisture.

Red Rock

Red Rock Terrace is seven-acres of terraced vineyard that faces north, and one of the warmer microclimates. The red tinted and rocky soil is high in oxidized iron content, receiving less direct sunlight, resulting in a unique character in the wine.


Volcanic Hill, the warmest of our microclimates, is comprised of eight-acres of south-facing hillside vineyard. The consistency of the gray soil is that of fluffy, volcanic ash, originally deposited from the eruption of Mt. Konocti eight million years ago.